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This site is dedicated to becoming the largest community/collection of bitcoin information on the web. This website is an ongoing project, as we will be adding new content/features to the site regularly. There is a lot of information on the internet about bitcoins,  just not together. This website was created with that problem in mind and we hope you make us your internet bitcoin source.   We encourage you join our Mailing list and Forums to keep up with the latest news. This website is a place for people to be active. We value suggestions from our visitors so feel free to contact us.   We hope you check back for all your bitcoin and bitcoin mining information.


What is a Bitcoin?

For those of you who have no idea what a bitcoin is and stumbled upon this website somehow let me explain. In non-technical terms a bitcoin is an online “currency” that is used to purchase goods and services online ANONYMOUSLY!

For some people who use bitcoins this is where the appeal lies. You can imagine the possibilities that are presented if:

1. No one can find out who these transactions belong to

2. No central government or bank controls the “currency”



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